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  • We reliably undertake the Study, Supervision,
    Construction and Delivery of
    Industrial Installations

  • We guarantee the best design - performance
    and the continuous monitoring of
    Photovoltaic Systems

Welcome to Ergoilektriki

ERGOILEKTRIKI was founded by Roggotis Georgios and Tzatzalis Anastasios after many years of experience in the construction of industrial electrical installations and installations of renewable energy sources.

Relying on experience, know-how and responsibility, it manufactures based on the wishes and needs of the customer. The company's rising course through the qualitative and quantitative development of its activities reflects the dynamic profile it has established in the market and sets it apart.

The integrated solutions, the functionality as well as the absolute respect for the environment are the dominant characteristics.

By setting high technical standards, we have the most reliable and modern technology available. Our scientific staff is constantly researching the newest construction methods, proposing the most complete solutions for the completion of projects. The research is an integral part of the work since through new findings we add value to our constructions.

Investing in quality, the company for the field of application "DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION OF PRIVATE ELECTRICAL AND ENERGY PROJECTS" is certified through the procedures of TÜV AUSTRIA HELLAS with the following:

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