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Renewable energy sources

The sector of Renewable Energy Sources (RES) is one of the most dynamically developing sectors of activity in recent years. Our company is actively active in the field of RES applications (Photovoltaic Systems, Wind Turbine Systems, Hydroelectric Installations, Biomass and Energy Storage Units), whether they concern installations in buildings or electricity production units, providing comprehensive services (Studies, Publishing Permits, Facility Constructions) as well as the supply of the required equipment. Our company has demonstrated a significant number of Renewable Energy projects in recent years. Our goal is always to implement Renewable Energy projects that will have:
    • The best possible energy efficiency in the long run.
    • Reliable and technologically advanced equipment.
    • Qualitative and technical characteristics that will ensure the maximum lifetime in combination with low operational maintenance costs.
    • Quality and economic construction (value for money)
    • Full compliance with European and international standards and norms for quality, energy class, economic operation and safety.
    • Ease of use and operation and full satisfaction of contemporary requirements.
    • Friendly to the environment and people.
In particular, regarding the Photovoltaic sector, our company specializes in the construction of the entire power spectrum of photovoltaic plants.
It has successfully built over 250MWp in Greece and abroad.